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24 Jul 2014 
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 ActionTec Router FAQ

What are the default user name and password for my Actiontec MI424WR router?

The default user name for the Actiontec MI424WR router is "admin," and the default password is "password" (do not include the quotation marks).

Note: In some cases, the password may have been changed during installation to "password1."

The user name and password are both case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them in lower case.

Finding your Actiontec MI424WR network's SSID

If you haven't changed your SSID, the default SSID is provided on a sticker on the bottom of your Actiontec MI424 router.

Your network's SSID is stored in your Actiontec MI424WR router. As long as you know your router's user name and password, you can access the security settings where your SSID is stored.

1. Open your Web browser and enter in the Address field.

2. Depending on when you purchased your router and the version of firmware it's running, the directions for finding your SSID vary slightly. Please click the login screen that matches what you see. Depending on the firmware in the router, there are two processes involved; 3. Enter your user name. If you didn't change it when you configured your network, the default user name is admin.
4. Enter your password.

If you've forgotten your user name or password, you must reset your Actiontec MI424WR
router to the factory defaults to access the configuration screen where the security
settings are stored.

5. Click the Wireless Setup icon.
6. Write down the SSID in the Wireless Setup screen.
7. Click Cancel since you haven't made any changes and then close the Actiontec configuration window.

Resetting your Actiontec MI424WR router to the factory defaults

1. With the power on (Power LED on front panel should be lit green), use the pointed end of a paper clip to press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.
2. Release the Reset button. The Actiontec router will automatically reboot itself.
3. Wait 15 seconds before resuming setup.
4. If you haven't changed your security settings from the default values listed on the sticker attached to the bottom of your router, no further action is required. However, if you've changed your security settings since installation, you will need to re-enter your SSID and WEP key to match the values just before you reset your router. Otherwise, your router won't recognize the computers attached by wireless adapters.

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